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To inspire people to love by telling and creating stories.

Love and creativity, they both go hand in hand. Become creative in the way you love people. In order to love an individual authentically, you need to love them in way's that they feel loved. You need to focus on the details, on their details. What are the things that actually make someone smile, their eyes light up and their soul come alive. We are created out of love. Created to love. Love is a creative act. So become creative in the way you love people.

- Neill Kumar






My name is Neill, I'm 22 and currently living in Brisbane, Australia. I created BLUE as a platform to share my work and to inspire other people to love.

I believe in telling and creating stories. I want my work to tell stories of people in new and unique ways - beyond what already exists - with photographs, designs, movies, words, songs and other mediums. I want to bring people together and inspire them to love. Human beings need stories to survive, to learn, to inspire, to feel and to allow change.

If there is one thing I want people to take away from what I create, it is to love people.

Venture onward, but never alone.





Founded May 2015. Based in Brisbane, Australia.